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Though there are numerous varieties to choose from men's formals have always been the ones that brings out the elegance in the man. These are the garments that are considered to be the exact opposite of casual and they are worn when you want to project a elevating and noble look. These formal garments were first introduced for providing a type of equality. They were introduced so that they can be coded and easily recognisable since now men regardless of their classes can dress the same like in uniforms in army, navy and air force ( they do have ranks in these but you get the point ).

Suits have been one of the oldest form of garments that have survived all the changes and reformations man has undergone and has emerged through as one of the quintessential piece of garment in history of men's wear. Now there are many variations in this garments some being tuxedos, blazers and such but the basic structure remains the same. These different varieties have different levels of formality thus making them useful and appropriate for different events. This basic structure of this suit we have now has been in style for centuries when the fashion icon of 19th century Beau Brummell decided to ditch the former bright and elaborate style and go for subtler versions of the suits. Until then the nobles wore clothes that boasted that the wealth they were blessed with and after this change simple, subtle colored clothes became the trend. This is the structure we follow now by keeping the garments simple and elegant. Of course we still have elaborate and bling details but that does not constitute our daily clothes.

We have the classics which have been in style for a long time with undergoing little to no changes in all the years. One such garment is the black tie attire. Black tie events are formal events or gatherings held mostly by the elites. These events mostly have a dress code which the host of the event gives out with the invitation. Guests are expected to follow this code and dress accordingly regardless of their class and social status. This serves as a social leveling device in the gathering and also gives a uniform backdrop for the event to be held. As for black tie events the most appropriate costume for it in the United States and almost every part of the world is what we call the tuxedo or in short the tux. This formal garment has its origin when a man called Griswold Lorillard attended a formal club event held at Tuxedo park, New York in a short black formal jacket. This happened in 1896 when the jackets were all with tails and anything less than that was considered a disgrace. Of course he was thrown out of the event for disrespecting the hosts by Lorillard's short style jacket soon picked up in trend by other dandy young people who were already bored of the old styles. Soon this became the norm of the black tie events and they are sometimes referred to as dinner jackets.

Now the basic ensemble for these events should be a black tuxedo with the jacket featuring peaked or shawl lapels. A tuxedo on the basic is a black suit that has a silk or grosgrain facing on the lapels thus is meant to increase their luxury and formality quotient. The black silk or the grosgrain runs in stripes along the sides of the trousers. The jacket can be single breasted or double breasted styles and the color should be black but some hosts allow other colors too. This purely depends on their preference and taste.

The shirt associated with this attire is always white. They can be of any fabric like cotton, linen or polyester but should be maintained to be white. They can either be pleated or plain. There are details like the type of collars, studs, buttons which all depends on the taste and convience of the wearer. Cummerbunds are bands of cloth worn at the junction of shirt and the trousers and worn around the waist. These have the purpose of hiding the shirt's fabric from showing in the gap when the jacket is buttoned. They are reserved for the most formal of the events and mostly worn in contrasting colors.

The most important part in this ensemble is the tie. A bow tie in black is usually worn which sometimes might stray towards midnight blue depending on the tux color. It is always better to wear this bow tie hand tied since the clip on versions look incredibly cheap and fake thus bringing down the elegance of the outfits in a minute. As for the other accessories like watches, jewelleries and other items they should match the outfit and should not stand out too much.

There are other formal styles like the white tie attire which is considered to be more formal than the black tie events. But these events are extremely rare even among the elite people.

Prom is one of the most important event in any man's life and which you can reminisce for a long time. Apart from the obvious stress factor of asking out your long time crush another one that the teenage boys dread is selecting the outfit for the event. It may be always better to ask someone's help or get it from Google. Now as for the costume for prom you can go with the safest choice that is the black tuxedo. It gives you a elegant look and makes the best pictures for the night. Just keep everything classic and you will be good to go. If you are not the tuxedo type guy then you can go with suits or blazers. Blazers is a good choice if you style it properly. Since it is a evening event it is best to stick with darker colors be it suits, tux or blazers. If you are going with suits there is always the option of going three piece or two piece. If you would like a little formal style then go with a three piece suit in any classic color like navy, dark grey or dark blue. It is best to avoid black suits for prom since they may look a little sombre.

Now if you are the one who likes to stand out then you can go with brighter colors like red, blue or green. You can also go with patterns like plaids and textures on your suits. Keep in mind to avoid overly sparkly and plastic like textures on garments. You can induce your personality into the prom suit you wear but just keep it ageless and elegant.

Be it the prom suits or tuxedos the main thing that matters is the fit of the outfit. You will have to have a good fit of the clothes so that you do not look out of place. It is always the best option to get your outfit tailored but the price involved can be pretty high and definitely not one a student would like to spend from their pockets. So it is always good to go with off the rack suits or wholesale tuxedos who offer great deals. You can get these from these distributors and get it modified to your style so that they fit you properly.

Now coming back to blazers it has become one of the iconic piece of menswear in any gentlemen's wardrobe and have successfully even managed to spread to the remotest places of the world. This garment is seen as a modern interpretation of the jacket and has remarkable versatility which makes it a obvious choice by especially younger people.

So what exactly constitutes a blazer? Some have the illusion that any jacket that is worn without matching pants can be taken as a blazer. While there are different understanding about the blazer more so because it is an universal style here are some of the basics that constitutes a blazer. The jacket should be worn with pants of contrasting color, pattern or material. The jacket should be solid colored or can have bright colored stripes. They may even have contrasting piping, braiding or trim. There are some other details but the major thing is that they never should be worn matching pants. The history and origin of the blazer is confusing and there are many theories surrounding it. Some associate it with military while most agree with it emerging from one of the sports clubs in the past. The blazers are available in different fabrics and the choice depends on the preference of the wearer. Navy serge is the classic and the most famous choice of fabric for blazers. They are worsted wool and has a characteristic twill structure. Some if the other fabrics in which the blazers are available are flannel, hopsack, linen and even luxury fabrics like Cashmere.

As said before the most important thing that matters is the fit. The blazer should fit properly like a suit jacket but some would prefer a looser and wider fit like that of a sports coat. There are lined and unlined styles to choose from but nowadays most come in unlined variety. There are details to add to your personality and at last what matters is the comfort of the wearer.

Blazers are preferred more than the tuxedos since they are a variable and can be paired with a number of trousers and shirts thus giving rise to a lot of combinations. While blazers can no where match the formality of the tuxedos it can be a good alternative to tuxedos in other less formal events. You can wear your blazers with flannel trousers thus making it elegant and can pull it off to any wedding events. All you have to do is add a light colored shirt and a appropriate tie to the combination and then you are good to go. Now if you are bored by wearing your suits to work daily then you can one day alternate it with a dark colored blazer preferably navy blue with a appropriate pair of jeans though this look may be more appropriate to the casual days at office. You can also wear the blazers with sweaters and chinos thus making them a quality investment that enhances your existing wardrobe.

Now any men with a little interest in fashion would have noticed the buzz around the Italian suits. While there are suits all over the world what makes the Italian suits so special? While Beau Brummell was stirring up a fashion storm in England Italy had their first bespoke tailor shop opened. Beau Brummell's fashion decisions successfully reached Italy and soon the shop began making those styles of suits with addition of their own flair. The shop's name was Castangia which still remains one of the most prestigious menswear labels even today. By the 20th century when the war was over many entrepreneurs rised in the men's fashion wears. Soon garments with extraordinary attention to detail and innovative designs saw the light thus marking the beginning of the industry's growth. Brioni was one such brand which started out small but soon garnered international attention and soon attained the celebrity status. Armani with his innovative ideas, ready to wear line and of course massive ad campaigns made a trademark name in men's fashion.

On the whole the fine elegant fabrics, minute hand stitching with attention to details makes the Italian suits a covetable commodity. They also have the ancient styles incorporated into them which makes them a timeless luxury design.

While in earlier times purchasing a good fabric with a good design was a hard task the internet had made it easier. There are online sites that offer great deals which are only a click away. Also there are now many wholesale options available in men's fashion which reduces the cost to a great level thus making it affordable to all classes of people.