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If you are a man who loves a good vintage style look then you might want to check out the black frocoat fashion. The overcoat styles that we have now also originated over a century ago but frock coats are considered to be out of style for quite some time now. Hence if you are attending any costume event with the old fashion as the dress code then you could choose to go with the mens black frocoats. In this article we will discuss more on how you could make the mens black frocoat style work for you.The frocoat also popularly known as the frock coat is a formal mens coat that has a construction of a knee length skirt that is cut around the base to reach the knee. This style of the mens coats were popular during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. The men often wore these coats for the formal ceremonies like the weddings and dance balls.

Characteristics of the frocoat
Mens Green Frock Coat

If you are looking for an authentic style frocoat then here are some details that you will have to note. The mens black frocoat coat design should be fitted and long sleeved. The coat also comes with a center vent at the back which is a detail new to the Victorian fashion period. The collar of the frocoat distinguished it the most from the other usual coat styles. The frocoat comes with reverse collar and lapels and the lapels of the coat are made from a different fabric when compared to the other parts of the coat. This might be the inspiration for the satin or grosgrain lapels in our tuxedos today.As for the body of the frocoat, it was compressed to give the wearer a good shape. The diameter of the coat at the waist is much less when compared to the diameter of the coat at the chest.

If you are a person with broad shoulders and a small waist the cinched style of the mens black frocoat coat style would provide the best look. The shoulder padding in the coats were rare or minimal since it was the fashion at that time.Around the end of the 18th century, the men started to choose the directoire style which consisted of a dress coat with breeches, pantaloons and top hats. But with the start of the 19th century mens black frocoat coat and tie style became popular. Men started to wear frock coats with full length trousers. The early style of the frocoats came with high collars and voluminous lapels and also were usually in dark colors. But with time, the frocoat were only produced in black and came with a moderate collar.

The mens black frocoat coat dark styles were often work with the grey trousers which came with pinstripe or checked pattern. For the daytime events, the men wore the black frocoats with the black trousers. While the frocoat style started out as a leisure wear later it became the most formal garment to be worn for the daytime events. The formal style of the frock coat was designed to be buttoned down to the waist seam and at the back were a pair of buttons which were kept for decorative purposes.

If you are looking to mimic the formal style of the Victorian era then it would help to choose the formal mens black frocoat coat design and pair it with a white tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie and a pair of charcoal grey striped trousers. You could include a black top hat and a walking cane if you want the look to be perfect.But if you are attending a daytime event and want to look the part then you can style the mens black frocoat coat and jacket style with black full trousers and similar accessories. You can add with the outfit a pair of black leather formal shoes or two tone formal shoes to properly complete the look. It is best to stick with the black frocoat style but if you are not a big fan of the black style then you can choose to go with the dark frocoat styles like navy frocoats or charcoal grey frocoats.

You can easily find online sites that have the mens black frocoat coat for sale since the style is even today worn for the special occasions happening in the United Kingdom. You can check out the various styles of the mens black frocoat styles and then find the one that would look the best on you. The fit of the frocoat is the most important thing that you will have to note. As mentioned before, The frocoat has to fit the wearer properly for the style to look perfect. You can get the aid of the striped black vest to create the cinched waist effect but make sure that the frocoat fits you right. If you are a tall and lean person then you could choose the slim fit frocoat but if you are on the bigger side then you can choose the mens black frocoat coat extra large.

While you might find different lengths of the frocoats, you should get the one that would flatter your body type the most. For example, in the late 19th century the knee length style of the frocoats were standardized but soon the shorter length became popular. Our recommendation for you would be to choose the mens black frocoat coat long style since it would look good on people of every body type.

If you do not like the long styles then you can choose the shorter ones. You can choose any of the mens black frocoat coat and jacket styles but check on the fit. You can go through the different mens black frocoat coat brands and compare the details to find the best one. In our site, we have a lot of varieties from which you can make your choice.