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  • Old man Camel suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits - Old school suits
    Old man Camel suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits  -  Old school suits

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  • Old man Burgundy suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits - Old school suits
    Old man Burgundy suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits  -  Old school suits

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Purchasing a suit isn't very hard when you know the style you need. But going for the purchase without a proper plan can lead to chaos and subsequent waste of time. You might have the navy and grey suits in your wardrobe but if there is an event that requires you to dress up in the old style suits then you need to brush up some history. The old style suit garments are quite popular and there are many events with the old style themes. Hence we are here to help you find the best old style suitswith the help of the tips.

Old man Burgundy suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits - Old school suits

To select the right type of the old style suits, you first need to know the timeline in which the style was popular. With most events, the decade is given as the reference and you will have to dress in the style that was the norm during the particular decade. The 1920s and 1950s are some of the popular choices when it comes to costume events.If you notice the history of fashion, you might note that the style of the suits remained to be the same for the most part. There are changes of course but most of them are minor detail changes. The basic construction of the suit however has remained the same through the years.

Hence you will not need to spend a lot or exert much energy into getting the mens old style suits. A little tweak here and there would make the garment appropriate to be worn for the events.

Old man Camel suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits - Old school suits

If you think that you can't get the old style suits from your existing wardrobe then you can purchase these old style suits online. There are many sites that offer the particular styles and thus of you want to get the old style suits for cheap prices then online shopping would be the best choice. To get the best old style suits in affordable price ranges, check out our site.While going through the history of the suits, you would notice that only before centuries there were big changes in the suit style. Over the last century, there weren't much changes to note and hence it helps if you decide on the timeline of the style that you need. Here we would like to trace back the history of the suits from the origin and we hope that you will find a style that impresses you.

The 1800s

19th century was a style period that we aren't too proud of. The mens fashion at that time was basically a costume. There are still events that have the 1800s fashion as the theme. If you are attending one such party and want to go with the style then here is your guide.Choose to go with coats that come with tails and pair them with knee breaches and silk stockings. Also the men at that time wore high heels along with the powdered wigs. We hope that this type of fashion never comes back and stays only with the costume events.

The 1800s after Beau Brummell

As much as the 1800s was every fashion lover's nightmare this was also the period when the savoir of men's fashion came along. Beau Brummell was a part of the court at that time and arguably a total hipster. The man had radical thinking and helped the men get over the old British style suits of that period.Instead of the frock coats and breeches, Beau Brummell introduced the style of the simple jackets and the full length trousers. Beau Brummell's vision of the suits formed the basis of the suit style that we have now.

Beau Brummell was serious about his vision and it is said that he utilized his connection with the people in the upper echelon of the British society and became friends with the Prince. With the recommendation from the Prince himself the design of Beau Brummell soon gained popularity. Beau Brummell's style of the suits were followed till the end of the 1800s.

The 1900s

With the start of the new century, the mens garments became more subtle. The tailcoats were losing their importance with the people choosing the old style wedding suits over the tuxedos even for important events like weddings. Then came the modern tuxedo style that we have right now. The tail in the tailcoat was left behind and the tuxedo jacket became short. There was even a time when people preferred the midnight blue tuxedos over the black tuxedos.

As for the suits, the working class men went with suits that were of dark colors and made from thicker materials. A lot of manual work was needed at that time and hence people chose the sturdy fabrics. There was also the matter of cold to consider. The heating and the cooling systems of that time weren't very developed and people used layered garments to keep themselves warm.

The 1920s is often termed as the roaring 1920s since fashion at that time was considered to be at the top. There were different sects of people and each chose a style that would be convenient for them. However the 1920s classic fit old style suits are the ones that are closest to the style of the modern suits that we have now.While the working class men chose suits that were subtle, there were the gangsters who went with the eye catching styles. Prohibition was prevalent at that time and the gangsters were abundant since transporting alcohol illegally gained a lot of money. The old British style suits at that time were made from heavy wool and were usually in dark grey or black colors. If you are a fan of the peaky blinders then you can choose to go with the iconic style of the three piece wool old style suit paired with a white dress shirt and a long tie. Add a newsboy cap, a cigar, a pair of leather casual boots and a long overcoat to perfect the look.