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If you are debating whether you need to update your wardrobe then we are here to help you. Open your wardrobe and just observe it. If about 80% of your wardrobe consists of blue and grey garments be it formal and casual then know that you need to try something new and exciting immediately. For people who are looking for a change from the usual styles, we would recommend you to choose the mens houndstooth blazers.With the winter closing in on us, you need a garment that can keep you warm with style and we believe mens houndstooth blazer would be the right choice for the job.

Mens Houndstooth Charcoal Grey With Blue Pattern Plaid Blazer - Windowpane Sport Coat

If you are a pattern virgin then you might not be much aware about the houndstooth pattern. Houndstooth can be defined as a type of checkered pattern that is created from the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines. You might also notice the overcheck pattern on the houndstooth garments which means that you will see the large scale pattern complementing the smaller squares in the pattern.The thing that distinguishes the houndstooth pattern from the rest of the checkered pattern is the presence of Jagged edges in the side of the squares. This jagged edges resembles the back teeth of the dog and hence the name houndstooth.The houndstooth pattern has been in style for quite a long time now. It was considered to be old fashioned in the last decade but the style has made a comeback now.

Thus this is the right time for you to give the houndstooth blazer for men a try.While getting the houndstooth blazer, there are a few things to note that will help you find the right style Here we will list out these factors and also suggest you some ways in which you can rock the houndstooth blazer style.


The fabric of the houndstoothblazer is one of the most important things to note while getting the garment. The houndstoothblazers were initially only made in wool but nowadays they are made in variety of fabrics like corduroy, fleece and even in lightweight fabrics like cotton.You should select the right fabric of the houndstoothblazers based on the reason why you are purchasing the garment. For example, if you are getting the blazer for the winter season then the ones made from heavy fabrics are the best. Wool, fleece or corduroy classic mens houndstooth blazers would offer you the required warmth and also maintain the style factor for the outfit.

Another factor that affects the decision making when it comes to fabric is the budget. Some people might choose a bigger budget while some would want the cheaper choice. The natural fabrics blazers are mostly on the costlier side and hence if you want to choose the menshoundstoothblazer cheap styles then we would suggest you to go with the ones that are made from the synthetic fabrics.


The color of the blazer is also an important detail to note since it attracts the most attention of the viewers. The traditional houndstooth blazers came in muted colors like brown and black. But today there is wide collection of the best mens houndstooth blazers in variety of colors. There are muted shades but there are also the brighter colors.Depending on your taste and need you could choose the color of the mens houndstooth blazers that would suit you. If you are getting the blazer for the winter season then the muted shades would be a better choice. But if you are thinking of styling the blazer to a party or any event in which you want to be noticed then we would suggest you to go with the brighter shades of the mens designer houndstooth blazers.

Styling of the houndstooth blazers

Once you have the blazer with you, the next step would be to find the right combining garments to be worn with the blazer. This too depends to a great degree on the type and nature of the event that you are attending. Houndstooth blazers are versatile and can work for any type of events when you style them right. Here are some tips to make the houndstooth blazer style work for you.
For a formal event, you need to be neatly dressed up and houndstooth blazer would be a great choice for it. You can style the mens houndstooth blazer in navy with a white and black striped dress shirt, a navy striped tie and a pair of navy dress pants. This outfit is further enhanced with the addition of the navy pocket square and a pair of black suede oxford shoes. This is one of the easiest styles to pull off since the navy softens the pattern to a great degree.

If you are bored with the light navy suits and have sworn off the style for some time then we would suggest you to go with the brown houndstooth blazer instead. As we have mentioned already brown is one of the colors used in the making of the traditional houndstooth suits and hence the color goes well with the pattern. For a subtle look, you can pair the brown mens houndstooth blazer big and tall and pair it with a beige dress shirt, a navy chalk stripe tie and a pair of navy dress pants. Include with the outfit a pair of brown leather casual boots and you are done.

You can also try out the three piece suit look with the houndstooth blazers. You can style the mens houndstooth blazer black and white with a white crew neck t-shirt, a m ns houndstooth vest brown and a pair of black skinny jeans. This is a contemporary outfit that can make you look awesomely dressed up for the semi formal and casual occasions. There are a lot of collections in the houndstooth blazers and we would suggest you to go through them before making the choice of the outfit.

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  • Mens Houndstooth Charcoal Grey With Blue Pattern Plaid Blazer - Windowpane Sport Coat
    Mens Houndstooth Charcoal Grey With Blue Pattern Plaid Blazer - Windowpane Sport Coat

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