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    Old man Camel suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits  -  Old school suits

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    Old man Burgundy suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits  -  Old school suits

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Though people have been arguing non-stop about how the days of suits are over and it is time for the casual fashion, the suits seem to thrive. This is because of the fact that the suits have adapted to our lifestyle and now is also a part of the casual outfits. You can now attend a casual get together while dressed in a suit and a tshirt. Thus the suits are not going anywhere but instead one thing that we have been increasingly noting is the interest towards the old fashioned suits.

Old man Brown suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits - Old school suits

The word old fashioned has been used negatively in the fashion world to indicate outdated fashion. But old fashioned clothing simply remains to be the proof of the evolution that has taken place with fashion. And we know that history repeats itself. These old fashioned styles could trend in the future and hence it is important to know about these styles. There are many costume parties that still have a old fashioned dress code. The fashion in the 1900s and 1800s might be old but it is still powerful enough to Kindle the curiosity of the younger generation. If you are one among the people who are quite fascinated with the old fashioned suits then this article is for you.

If you look back to the timeline of fashion there are some styles that even now appeal to us. When it comes to mens styles, there are a lot of classic styles like trench coats and pea coats which we use even today without even changing the unwanted details. One among the garments that has undergone least changes through the centuries apart from the initial 1800s are the suits. The suits have remained to have the same construction with only minor changes in the fit and other details.

Old man Camel suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits - Old school suits

If you are a fan of the old fashioned suit styles and want to try them for yourself then you should first fix yourself a timeline and research about the style of that time. You might be able to recreate the style from your existing wardrobe but if you want the accurate representation then you should look to the web. There are many sites that have the old fashioned suit for sale. Check out the sites and find the ones that offer the best design old fashioned suits at the best quality and price. In our site, we have different varieties of the suits which you might love to check out if you are a fashion enthusiast.Before choosing the particular style of the old fashioned suit, it would help to think about the event for which you are going to wear the suit. You most probably are dressing for a costume event or Halloween. There are also people who request their guests to wear old fashioned suit for wedding.

Usually these events already mention a certain timeline or decade from which you should choose the style. Research the fashion at that particular decade and then choose the style that you could pull off.Here are some old fashioned suit styles which you can try out.

Black tie

Black tie in the 1800s was a tailcoat which was the appropriate attire for the special occasions like weddings and dance balls. While the tailcoat style has gone out of trend (at least in the U.S.) it still got its appeal. For people who doubt it, recall how the internet exploded when David Beckham showed up wearing a tailcoat for Prince Harry and Meghan markle's wedding. If you are looking for an old fashioned suit for wedding and you are the groom then you can definitely try out the tailcoat style.Another style that was quite popular at that time was the colored tuxedo style. The men went on to wear the light colored tuxedos which they paired with ruffled tuxedo shirts and two tone formal shoes. This might not be a style favorite of most people but with some changes, you could still pull off this style for a summer or spring wedding.

Dress shirts

Another detail that you should encounter while searching for old fashioned suit is the removable collar style of the dress shirts. This style of the dress shirts were quite popular in the start of the 1900s and if you are choosing this particular timeline then removable collar dress shirts should be included in your outfit.The work of the men at that time involved a lot of physical labor and the collars always get dirty. The heating system at that time was not very advanced and hence laundry was not done frequently. People found that the dirty collars soon wore out with frequent washes making the new shirts useless. Hence shirts with removable collar and cuffs were invented. The collars and cuffs of the shirts, which were the parts that got dirty the most, would be removed and washed. Once the collar wears out, the collar alone is changed so that the dress shirts lasted for a long time.

If you are choosing to go with the 1920s fashion then you can simply style the classic fit old fashioned suit with a removable collar dress shirt and a tie. You can Complete the old fashioned suit and tie outfit by adding with it a pair of black or dark brown leather shoes.

Double breasted suit style

In modern times, single breasted suit style is more preferred than the double breasted style. But in the past century, people preferred double breasted style and also suits made from heavy fabrics. If you are thinking of recreating the simple nature of the suits from last century you can choose the double breasted old fashioned suit with shoulder paddings and made from heavy fabrics to fight the cold. Also both the old fashioned suit and tuxedo were worn with vests since the three piece suit style was considered to be the standard look at that time. The length of the suit jackets also varied in different decades.