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  • Old man Camel suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits - Old school suits
    Old man Camel suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits  -  Old school suits

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  • Old man Burgundy suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits - Old school suits
    Old man Burgundy suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits  -  Old school suits

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We often see most articles focusing on the styling of the youth garments since the fashion industry is keen on attracting the younger generation. But there are other generations that need fashion advices. If you are a person who is above 60 and still want to dress appropriately for your age then this article is for you. We intend to focus on the old man suits and how you can look dapper even in your later years.

Old man Burgundy suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits - Old school suits

It is human nature to lose interest in trivial things as we age. But often people confuse fashion to be a trivial thing and resign themselves to boring outfits in their later years. This shouldn't be the case since fashion is a part of our daily lives. It is important to dress up for feel confident in yourself. Hence even if you are past 60, it is still ok to follow fashion articles and know what is trending. It is also great to dress according to your personality regardless of people think. If you are one among the senior citizens who are mindful of their fashion and looking for some advice then we are here for you.First thing to keep in mind is that dressing like a teenager doesn't make you look younger. You might want to try out the new styles now and then but don't make it a routine to go with the teenage garments. Dressing your age but doing it with style should be your aim. Now here are some items which you should avoid so as to choose a age appropriate look.

The first item on our list is the distressed jeans. Jeans are a style staple in every man's wardrobe regardless of the age but distressed jeans are another topic. The distressed jeans be it faded or with tears tend to create a carefree look that would be better to avoid if you are thinking of going with a dignified look. In the same way it would also help to avoid wearing denim shorts.

Old man Camel suit - Old fashioned suit - Old style suits - Old school suits

As we age, we tend to lean more on the casual side of fashion and it would be easy to get carried away with the trending styles. While you can choose the tshirts and chinos look, it would be best to avoid choosing t-shirts with large graphic prints or large logos.Also try avoiding hooded sweatshirts since the street style look usually doesn't work well for the dignified look that you are trying to achieve.As for the footwear, there isn't much restriction make sure that you wear shoes that complement your outfit well. Shoes that doesn't match the outfit would ruin the whole look within a second. It would help to stay with the formal or semi formal styles of the footwear.For example, if you are going with a smart casual outfit then instead of the tennis shoes or sneakers, you could choose the leather loafers since they offer a more sophisticated and style conscious type of look for the wearer.

Other smaller details also matter like the type of hairdo that you choose and the accessories that you wear with the outfits. Avoid choosing anything too blingy and the ones that capture attention of the viewer immediately. It would seem unfair to restrict people on fashion but we do not dress only for ourselves. To an extent our fashion choices are also for the viewers since we expect people to like it. Hence following some norms can help you get a look that is satisfactory for both yourself and the viewers.

Now coming back to the old man suits design, there are a lot of things to note. The first thing that you should note is whether you are comfortable while wearing the suit. Go for the affordable old man suits that are also of good quality. This way you wouldn't spend money often on the suits. Go through the websites that have the old man suit for sale and look for the best design old man suit which matches your expectations.

If you are looking for examples on how to rightly wear the old man suits then here are some suggestions that would help you. Here we mention styles of celebrities that you can follow and avoid so that the process becomes easier.

George Stephanolpulos

George is a popular television personality and he dressed impeccably for his age. If you are a person over the age of 40 and often wears suits then you should follow George's style.The main thing to note with his fashion is the fit. You can mostly spot him wearing suits but what stands out is the perfect fit of the suit. He either has his suits custom made or takes it to his tailor to tweak the fit.

While getting the old man suits, make sure that the fit is right for your body type. For most men over the age of 40, classic fit old man suits would be the right choice since it offers comfort and style at the same time. But it always helps to try out the suit and then choose it. If you are ordering the suit online then you should order it by comparing your measurements with the size chart. Also after receiving off the rack suits, you can take it to your tailor and have some changes made which make the suit look the best on you.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most loved actors of our time and the man looks great in everything he wears. While he is often spotted in the best styles of the old man suit jackets and tuxedos, there are also times of miss in his fashion. For example, to one of the live events that he attended the Iron man actor was seen wearing a old man suit and tie which he completed with a pair of gold colored sneakers. Suit with sneakers is a youthful style but it did not create the required effect on RDJ.