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Tux-SH White/Black - Tuxedo Wholesale Distributors

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The Tux-SH White/Black Tuxedo – a masterpiece of formal elegance that flawlessly marries timeless sophistication with a bold white and black contrast. This tuxedo is a testament to the art of refinement, effortlessly blending classic design with modern craftsmanship, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a distinguished and striking look.

The Tux-SH White/Black Tuxedo radiates confidence and charm. Meticulously designed, the tuxedo features a single-breasted jacket adorned with a captivating white and black color combination that seamlessly bridges tradition with modern aesthetics. The pristine white fabric harmoniously complements the sleek black lapels, creating a contrast that exudes timeless elegance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Tux-SH White/Black Tuxedo embodies the art of fine tailoring. From the impeccably tailored lapels to the thoughtfully positioned buttons, every aspect of this tuxedo speaks to exceptional quality. The trousers, expertly coordinated with the jacket, complete the ensemble with a sense of symmetry and grace.

Ideal for formal occasions, upscale gatherings, and special events, the Tux-SH White/Black Tuxedo ensures a commanding presence. The dynamic white and black pairing adds an element of contemporary charm, making it versatile for various formal settings. Whether paired with a classic white shirt or a complementary bowtie, this tuxedo elevates your style with timeless distinction.

The Tux-SH White/Black Tuxedo transcends being just clothing; it's a declaration of sophistication and innovation. Its captivating design and expert craftsmanship ensure that you'll make a lasting impression with a look that seamlessly fuses tradition and modern sensibilities. This tuxedo embodies the epitome of formal excellence, tailored for those who understand the significance of a well-crafted appearance.

The Tux-SH White/Black Tuxedo is a celebration of formal grandeur and contemporary flair. With its bold white and black contrast, precise tailoring, and unwavering commitment to elegance, this tuxedo captures the essence of refined fashion for formal events. It stands as a testament to the desire for a distinguished look that harmoniously blends tradition with a modern edge.

HEIGHT: 180 cm - 5' 11”
BUST: 83 cm - 32”
WAIST: 57 cm - 22”
HIPS: 88 cm - 35
SHOE SIZE: 39 - 6

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